Why MBBS Abroad?

The profession of a doctor is a noble one that serves humanity when it needs it the most. Obtaining a career in medicine is not easy, especially in India. The growing need for medical facilities has given rise to the increasing demand of educated medical practitioners. According to the WHO, the healthy ratio of doctor-patient is 1:1,000. In India, it is still bigger as it stays around 1:6,300. The ratio is India is likely to go up as the birth-rate in the country is very high. With the present rate of birth in the country, the country would need thousands of specialist doctors in the next few years.

At present, the country has 529 medical colleges in all, including private and government colleges that share around 70,978 seats in all. Out of these, 269 government colleges have 35,688 seats and 260 private medical colleges have the remaining 35,290 seats. As far as the admission in these colleges and deemed universities is concerned, the task is often not easy for the students. The competition level is very high as the number of candidates in admission tests often crosses a million. In 2020, the number of applicants is around 1.8 million. Half of which qualify for the admission. Furthermore, a part of it actually gets started with a career convincingly.The successful candidates get a chance to get admission whereas others look for the other possible options. Getting admission in private colleges is the clearest option but the fee in these colleges is too high to afford for a student belonging to middle-income groups. As far as the standard and infrastructure available in the private colleges are concerned, they are often not satisfactory as well
At this juncture, the students often start thinking about visiting other countries where MBBS courses are often of high quality. The cost of education in these colleges is also not that high and that is why the students can find some ways or the other to manage the cost. Studying MBBS in countries like Russia, Ukraine. Germany, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Armenia, Belarus, and the Philippines are becoming more popular among the students in recent years.

If you wish to go for that, then knowing about the basic things is a must. Have a look: 

Eligibility Criteria

For admission in the top medical colleges/universities in the top countries, you need to clear the following eligibility criteria: 

  •    You need to complete 17 years of age.
  •    You must have completed class 12 in Science attaining a minimum of 50% aggregate (General category and 40% aggregate for             SC/ST/OBC category) in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  •    Getting qualifying marks in NEET is a must.

Benefits Of Studying MBBS Abroad:

Without any doubt, studying in top foreign medical colleges or universities can bring you multiple advantages that you cannot think about availing in any of the institutions in India.

Following are a few advantages that you may expect at the best medical institutions abroad:

Direct Admission: Usually, the top foreign colleges and universities allow the students to get direct admission without any agent in between. You can approach the help desk of the institution for all your queries. On many occasions, students with high academic scores do not even need to appear in the admission tests. 
No Capitation Fee/Donation: It is here, studying in foreign universities becomes more affordable for the students. These colleges do not ask for any capitation fee or donation. It saves a lot of money for the students.
Affordable Fee and Living Cost: Many students feel it great when they find that both course fees and hostel charges in top medical universities are often within their affordable limits. As per an estimate, the students can leave the colleges with a great medical degree for just 10-15 lakhs.
Opportunity for Higher Degree: This is yet another benefit that Indian medical colleges seldom offer to their students. Most of the successful universities in different countries allow the successful foreign students to continue for their higher studies, and that too at a reduced cost. It simply means that a student can get a superior medical degree with specialization within an affordable cost.
Multilingual Medium of Instruction: Though Indian students can interact in English well, the popular foreign medical universities offer education in some other languages as well. It is very beneficial for students from other countries where English is not that popular.
Career Prospects: It is one area that every meritorious, as well as successful student, stays yards ahead of the Indian medical students. The foreign universities value the best and qualified doctors and that is why they provide them with the best job opportunities and allow them to settle down there only. As far as the growth prospects in these countries are concerned, it is extremely productive indeed.
Educational facilities: Most of the foreign medical colleges or universities offer superb facilities to the students. Apart from the best courseware, they provide superb facilities in the hostels. Right from food to comfortable living, along with technical support, the students get everything they need to complete their studies.

Important Factors You Should Know Before You Plan To Study MBBS Abroad:

  • The following are a few key points that you must know before you plan to study MBBS abroad
  • Make sure you conduct a thorough research about the institution
  • Knowing about the country and its environmental conditions is a must
  • Know about the cost of studying in the best universities abroad
  • Finding the facts about the socio-economic condition of the country is necessary
  • Never ignore finding the cost of living there
  • Setting up a plan can help you a lot
  • Fixing a budget can also be very handy

Top Countries for MBBS Abroad With NEETell: