Caterpillar to Butterfly

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NEETell is designed to empower students across varied merit levels in the medical field. In its life cycle, a Caterpillar metamorphoses itself and goes through a life-altering transformation to take the final form of a beautiful Butterfly. Similarly, medical aspirants go through various changes with effective guidance from NEETell to get successful entrance in medical colleges and become leading medical professionals. NEETell, being their guiding star, provides valuable service which helps students plan prior to actual results and get one assured seat based on their score and category.

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The Caterpillar to Butterfly algorithm guarantees revolutionary metamorphosis in NEET aspirants that transforms them from medical aspirants to the finest doctors in the country. NEETell has carefully designed this service to help aspirants to go through this transformational phase smoothly and successfully from application until getting the admission letter in hand. Simply report to your allotted medical college and let us do the rest.


  • Medical aspirants Sign Up & Log In to their NEETell Account.
  • Students can get complete guidance from NEET application to Counseling (Round 1 to Mop-Up Round).
  • Students only need to report at the allotted medical college as NEETell takes care of everything else.
  • Students may get 1 seat assured based on their score and category.