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Students can easily access our first-class counseling sessions online through Skype and get expert advice on managing stress and boosting their self-confidence for enhanced performance and outcome. You can book LIVE counseling sessions over Skype by scheduling a time slot and directly interacting with our experienced Counselors who will guide them through the medical admission procedure.

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‘Skype A Counselor’ is a distance counseling service that uses state-of-the-art technology to schedule Skype video counseling for students who can’t meet our counselors in person. The easy accessibility of this web-based counseling session makes it more flexible, convenient and easier for NEET aspirants to get the guidance they need without having to travel to specific geographic location across the state or the country. This service empowers students who reside in remote locations to get professional guidance from qualified counselors.


  • Log In to your NEETell account & request online counseling sessions through our website, email or phone call
  • Schedule an online appointment with our expert Counselor by deciding a date and time.
  • Provide registered Skype ID and access official NEETell counselor Skype ID. Ensure a reliable internet connection.
  • Skype with our reputed Counselors directly and receive expert guidance regarding your NEET examination and admission.