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The algorithm of Plan B helps a student in getting a seat in a medical college, depending upon the availability of the stray vacant seats. This premium service is designed to empower medical aspirants to make the most of available opportunities. Make Plan B your back-up plan to avoid missing any chance of admission and secure your admission in a medical college.

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Our algorithm analyzes last 4 years’ NEET and medical admission data to provide detailed guidance on securing their MBBS seat in a medical college in India. If you have not secured any seat till the Mop-Up Round, Plan B can actually help you get a seat based on the availability of the stray vacant seats.


  • Student data is feed into our algorithm to help aspirants get a stray vacant seat
  • If a student misses seat opportunities till Mop-Up Round, our algorithm serves as the perfect backup plan
  • Plan B promises admission in an Indian medical college with 100% assurance
  • Students can get 1 seat based on the availability of the stray vacant seats