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Upskill has been specifically designed to provide expert guidance to NEET aspirants who plan to appear for NEET 2020. Students can access our range of smartly designed services, like Artificial Intelligence integrated Online Mock Tests to analyze their strengths & weaknesses, Rank Predictor to get a systematically predicted provisionary rank, Discover-A-College to access detailed college information, Cut Off Analyzer to get estimated cut off marks, 24/7 Alerts for real-time updates, Meet A Counselor for effective guidance, The Plan B for creating a backup plan for admission, Caterpillar To Butterfly to gain confidence and many more to crack NEET 2020 successfully.

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Upskill empowers students who are currently in Class XI and helps them prepare for NEET in 2020 with subject & chapter wise guidance. By getting comprehensive support related to all aspects of NEET preparation for 2 years, they develop a clear idea about what, when and how they need to study to crack NEET. Our algorithm examines previous years’ statistics & data to provide detailed guidance by analyzing the behavioral strengths and weaknesses of students. Moreover, students will also be fully prepared for the application to admission process and grab their seat in a medical college.


  • Students planning to appear in appear NEET 2020 Sign Up & Log In to their NEETell Account
  • Students in Class XI receive expert counseling for 2 years & understand what, when and how they need to study, including subject & chapter wise guidance, mock tests & psychometric analysis
  • Access our wide range of solutions to get comprehensive guidance and support to crack NEET
  • Prepare confidently for NEET 2020 & get successful admission in medical colleges through professional guidance