The Plan B

Description :

With NEETell, you do not need to lose your heart as far as admission in the dream medical colleges across India, provided you have proved your eligibility in the NEET. Depending on your score in the test, our AI-Based Admission Guidance Platform searches for the best options for your admission in the top government or private sector medical colleges or deemed universities. Our counselors provide the most dependable services to ensure your admission as per your need or specification! 

How it Helps?

    • You simply need to clear NEET first.
    • We brainstorm to find the best institution that suits your score.
    • You get admission to the medical colleges without any chance of failure.
    • Our counselors do everything to boost and maintain your spirits!
    • The special technologies, like the Machine Learning Tools, come up with the latest findings.


    The Plan B helps you to settle down in your dream medical profession! We provide two options here to our students to choose from, one-they can pay in advance, and second, they can pay later as per their convenience. Need assistance? Talk to our experts now! 

Get this service for :

175000/- ₹175100.00

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