With NEET UG 2019 right around the corner, it is time for you to not only boost up your preparations but also to stay motivated so that you achieve your medical career goals. As over 15 lakh candidates will be taking the national level medical entrance exam on May 5, you need to focus on specific topics now and revise smartly to maximise your score. Here are some quick NEET 2019 last minute suggestions that will help you study better and utilize your time in the final few days –

Revise All Concepts

Thoroughly revise your NCERT books and go through all the highlighted points. Invest adequate time during the final few days to revise the important concepts and formulae from all subjects. Take notes in a sheet and read it at regular intervals. This will help you save time, learn faster and improve your self-confidence.

Study All Important Topics

With only a few days left now, it is crucial that you know the most important topics and revise them the most to score the highest possible marks.

  • For Physics, the focus areas are Optics, Mechanics, Nuclear Physics and Thermodynamics.
  • For Chemistry, focus more on General Organic Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Equilibrium, Mole Concept, Periodic Table, Coordination Chemistry, p, f block elements.
  • For Biology, devote ample time in revising Genetics, Ecology and Environment, Cell Biology, Basics of Biotechnology, Reproduction and Physiology of Plants and Animals, Morphology and Physiology.

Focus On Your Strengths

During your NEET 2019 preparation, there must be some topics that you will find easier to understand and have a strong command over them. So, make sure to revise those particular topics more often and make your strengths even stronger. Avoid concepts that you may find confusing or harder to grasp. This is perhaps one of the best the NEET 2019 last minute suggestions to score the highest marks.

Brush Up On Graphs & Diagrams

Another crucial last-minute tip for NEET UG 2019 is studying with extra focus on utilizing graphs and diagrams, especially when you are revising in the last few days before the medical entrance exam.  Diagrams & graphs will enable you to revise quicker, remember certain points clearly and save time as well.

Keep Yourself Motivated

It is common among some NEET aspirants to lose motivation to study and stay focused during the final few days of preparation. It has been a long and hard journey. But when you are this close to your dream, it becomes crucial that your stay focused and strong. Remind yourself of your dream and why you started in the first place. Note down what this means for you, your future and your family. Make sure to get rid of all doubts and negative thoughts and develop a positive mindset.

Be Confident During The Exam

It is only normal to feel nervous and anxious when going for NEET 2019. But you have worked hard enough and sacrificed a lot to back up now. So make sure to stay confident during the exam. Attempt all biology questions first, then answer chemistry sections and finally attempt physics questions. You must read the question paper properly before answering and deal with your strong areas first.
NEET is undoubtedly a difficult examination and you need to master your time management skills to accurately answer as many questions as you can within the set time limit. So stay calm, be confident and have patience while taking the exam. You will definitely crack NEET 2019 and grab a medical seat of your own.

Good luck!

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