National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) will be conducted on May 5 2019, containing 180MCQs in online modes.  Students appearing for the exam must be anxious to know the Do’s and Don’ts that are needed to be followed. With the very idea, of providing medical aspirants with the points that they will follow or prohibit on the day these tips are formulated or designed as follows:-

  1. In advance, you should prepare a study depending on the NEET syllabus. Even the toppers have suggested having a study schedule that needs to be followed stringently.
  1. Candidates should maintain discipline in achieving the goals. Otherwise, the mere planning of a study table won’t work. They must rigorously implement that has been planned.
  1. A breakdown of the entire syllabus as per the weightage and importance of chapters/topics. This prevents the growing burden on the student to prepare the syllabus at a go.
  1. For the effective study, candidates must follow certain programs on TV or YouTube that motivates them. They should indulge in activities and hobbies to refresh their minds. These have a positive impact on the studies.
  1. Revision and practice are absolutely mandatory when it comes to scoring good marks in NEET 2019. Solve last ten years question papers, appear in Mock Tests all this help to gather some idea on the question patterns. By this, you can avoid nervousness in the exam hall.


Some do’s on the exam day:

  1. The candidates must avoid the last minute rush in the reaching the exam hall. They must be well aware of the location of the Exam Centre before the Day.
  1. They must carry the following documents in the centre:
  • NTA NEET Admit Card
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Valid ID Proof
  1. The candidates must reach half an hour before the exam centre to complete their verification procedure.
  1. They must always follow the exam day guidelines mentioned by NTA to avoid any form of obstacle.


Some do’s during the examination:

  1. Don’t get anxious rather stay calm and quite to focus on the question papers and maintain the prescribed time.
  1. Read all the instructions and questions carefully before you start attempting the answers.
  1. Do solve the easy questions before and then leave the tough one for later to attempt.
  1. If you have any doubt regarding information ad exam hall rules, get it cleared by the invigilator.


Now let’s focus on the Don’ts for NEET 2019:

  1. It’s good to keep yourself open for healthy discussions with your friends and competitors. Never compare your plan of action with the others, because each person’s preparation levels vary with the other.
  1. Don’t avoid sleep before the exam out of anxiety. Rather must take at least 7 hours of sleep a day before the NEET 2019 exam. The mental and physical health is affected by the amount of sleep you have in a day. I might be well prepared but feel exhausted if you slept adequately.
  1. Don’t procrastinate; if you have doubts must solve it at the earliest.
  1. Do not lose your confidence if you don’t score adequately in the Mock Tests. These are not always correct in determining the actual preparation level at times.


Don’ts a day before the exam:-

  1. Avoid studying fresh topics at the last minute to avoid tension.
  1. Don’t carry non-permissible items in the exam hall that might prevent you from appearing the exam.
  1. Don’t carry eatables inside the exam hall which are not permitted. Water is provided to the candidates at the exam hall.
  1. Avoid keeping barred items with you while entering the exam hall.


Don’t during the exam:

  1. Don’t rush yourself through the instruction provided at the exam hall.
  1. Don’t waste time in discussing with the fellow candidates mainly because it is not permitted.
  1. Don’t note down the questions it’s not permissible.
  1. Don’t leave the hall without the permission of the invigilators.


It’s an absolute imperative that you follow the do’s and don’ts while appearing the NEET exam. For the best results in NEET what is needed is to stay confident and the rest follows. Good luck to all the aspirants of NEET 2019 exam.

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